Current Slaughter

The Journey Begins

"I think we are trespassing..."

Lo and thus begain the Journey of The Long Road.
Beck G’leann, a young and wise warrior who set off leading his new friends, the strange foreigners whom he hath dubbed: The Journeyers of The Long Road.
One was a dark Drow, wielding still darker magics. Next a tiny man of a spirit-bird totem riding upon a sleigh dog. Third was the blasphemous and soft-skinned cleric who forsakes the beasts. There were two other soft-men, one who smells of a maiden and the last a fool of smoke who doth wrought not but evil word or deed.

The strange men all argued with a maiden over a cart, heedless of the fact that the sage-warrior already held possession of two of the finest asses in The North.

Then the caravan set forth to recover spices and were attacked by monsters in the dead of night.
The warrior quickly roused from slumber and saved them after the A-Bed The Smoker was heavily gored.

Then a settlement of weak south-landers was encountered. The foreigners all bickered again as is their tradition.

Then the journey lead to a den of monsters in a hole which was unlike the glorious Great Worm Mound. The Smoking Man’s health and wits thus took leave and he befriended the monsters. To further forge his new bonds of villainy, A-Bed The Smoking Man quickly turned on his leader Beck, poisoning him. Thankfully for all who walk The Long Road, his will of metal rejected A-bed’s curse. Beck’s kind heart allowed him to forgive the South-lander of Smoke, though he shall not soon forget his treachery.



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