Azab Al-Balawi

World-traveling Zakharan


User of various poisons and gases. Has learned martial techniques from Shou and other far-easterners.

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Azab is a nomad, vagabond, and explorer. He is truly passionate for travel and the acquisition of knowledge. He has an incredibly wide ranging skill set, which has proved useful for picking up odd jobs with the promise of travel to distant lands. Scholar, guide, tracker, crafter, sailor, assassin, and skilled in sundry arts Azab will sell his services to those who can pay, and there is always someone in need of one of his skills.

Azab is from the land of Zakhara, beyond the lands of Faerun. There are few areas of Toril that Azab has not laid eyes on, and these wide ranging travels have dictated his combat style. Azab does not have a particular penchant for sword play. He does not have an arsenal of spells, nor the piety to call forth miracles. Azab is however a skilled practitioner of the craft of Alchemy and poison making. Where Azab lacks in traditional combat he shines in nontraditional employment of weapons that most find unsavory. He has also spent time in the far off lands of Rokugan and learned the skill of Iajutsu, though he remains a novice in the practice it forms the only base he has for martial power.

Azab also has a very unique skill, which he has only recently begun to fully understand. He can walk through dreams, and thus could potentially perform the perfect assassinations should he ever realize his full potential. There are still problems to be worked out here however and so far this remains impractical.

Azab is quiet and plaintive preferring to observe the world rather than imprint his will upon it. His aloofness creates feelings of alienation and distrust in others, but he will warm to a group in time. Azab has been traveling for most of his life and has been exposed to many different cultures. His transitory nature has meant that he has little regard for societal norms, which most find off-putting.

Azab Al-Balawi

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