A Beautiful Man


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Age 16-17?
Race Human Rashemi


Corbin as his travel companions know him is a young man from Rashemon who left on his passage into manhood 6 seasons past. In Rashemon he was known by other names, his mother and father called him the name that was given to him at birth, his friends had names to tease him of his brutal vanity, effeminence and to their distaste the ability to always get the girl. Even at the age of 13 “corbin” was a ladies man. He worked for a Wychalaran near his parents home as a young boy her name is not lost to his memory. She was a beautiful figure connected closely to his home lands and compelling righteous and powerful magics from them. He did mundane chores for her year after year until his pubescence. As his voice began to deeper and his light fur across his face thicken and darken she took note of something the boy possessed. At first he thought her new found interest in him was similar to the ferocious interest his mother took in his father many slow days. It wasn’t til many years later he found out the true reason even if his initial assumptions were still extremely large and strong points to contend with. “Corbin” at a young age became this Wychalarans’ lover for 8 seasons. Apart from his times with her, he would study the traditional martial skills attributed to the Rashemi: axes, light and no armor, wrestling, and swordplay. All these things Corbin did poorly. He practiced as most youth did for a majority of his life without any martial skill to speak of.

A few months before his journey beyond rashemon to gain his entry into society and manhood, his lover took him aside and made a simple request of him. She asked him to head to a larger village near theirs and pick up some items for her magics. Corbin easily agreed to such a task and when she sent him off she also supplied him with much more coin than needed, informing corbin that he would b taking his journey soon and should find a weapon that suits him if one exists. At the market he found such weapon. A testament to things Corbin admired, sleekness, finesse and beauty. He found a Rapier. Upon purchasing this fine weapon he realized that he had an innate talent for it. He still wasn’t the top of the children in his group but no longer was his martial incompetence so visible. The ridicule ended for his lack and skill followed by a rise in ridicule for his dandy sword.

Months later he sent off fully intent on his return to Rashemon. Until the day he met the singing/dancing/worm warrior Beck G’linn. When he came upon the man being beaten by 4 goblins near a stream he quickly came to the mans aide. Surprising both himself and the goblins as he reached for his mighty Rapier a blast shot forth from his hand. It was as an ecstasy was bursting forth from his body after being kept hidden for centuries. A pulsating flickering comet with a tail that trailed like that of a snake crossing a desert flew from his hand and fell a goblin instantly. As the goblins turned he shot another with the glowing light bursting from his phalanges and striking that goblin through the chest splashing gore over the fallen entertainers face. The last two goblins made for a charge and in the movement towards Corbin, he sent a dazzling array of colors blinding them both. The goblins fell to their knees grabbing at their eyes and crying at the heavens in agony or Joy. Corbin could not know which, for he knew the last thing those poor creatures saw was him and to look at such beauty at the end of life would be a blessing for some.

Rashemi was the name for an ethnic type covering the people native to Rashemen in Northeast Faerûn. They were short and muscular, with a hardy physique. Activities included winter cross-country racing and hunting animals with only light armaments.1
Rashemi males were warriors who fought with primitive weapons such as axes, bows, spears and swords, and preferred to go without armour. Rashemi females were able to use magic tied to the land itself, in service of Rashemen.2

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